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Be Your Guest?

Hey guys, firstly can I make my Warlock my main since he's now higher level than my druid (Mufassa or however I spelt it) and currently grinding towards being raid ready...actually what is raid ready? Currently iLevel 455.Secondly, how do I get me...
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Beyne11286Member avatar small Beyne 6y
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Want to return

Hi all!After >1y break I want to return to NS :)What do you think guys?350 iLevel with Cata "The Patient" titleTailor/Skin maxWill be able to raid 1-2 days a week for foreseeable future~buk
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bukash42787Small Shaggy 7y
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Quarion's Last post

Ok guys i learned about a post here and i decided to answer to some answers you might have.....1st:The application to ANE is 90 days old and i havent made any move to see if i will be accepted or anything until today after i got kicked out of neth...
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Quarion3988Small Deunen 8y
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Complain about ninja in Netherstorm

First excuse me for my bad english. But i have a complain of one of your members. On monday 20/12/2010 around 23:00 i had a dungeon run with sacredotes. He is a 85 bloodelve paladin. He was healing specced. He ninjaed two items and left the group ...
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You cost me money!!!

Well just got back home turned on my pc after about 8 months logged in turned on my e-mail and all these messages about people apply here so figured I would log in to WoW see whats up...Hmmm 7GB download for updates got bored bought a new subscrip...
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Cartoon/Slave61378Small Ghipsaru 8y
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Thank You :)

for inviting me in NS. I hope I will fulfill guild's expectation and that we will have a lot of fun and progress together! :)
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Nahe2818Small Gigiman 8y
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Hey Guys/Girls

Hey. I have recently applied to this guild and u guys accepted me :DBut as u know, i am from CoA on the Alliance side.Realm change is going atm, then i need to do fracion change and then i hoop to be with u guys soon...Greatings, Bart aka Sanne
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Hey allI see i got accepted to guild, first of all gonna say thx for that.Second looking foward spending nights with u guys and girls(if there is any).I am gonna set the transfer in motion hopefully it wont tale to long time.One question tho, who ...
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Potaki41102Member avatar small Potaki 9y
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My alt has a fan club

Apparently my day spent in wsg and ab levelin got me a fan club[23:37:21] [W From] [Yawndrain]: another horde bore almost to much to take oh well enjoy the ever gorwing q time for wsg and ab lol nvm to scared to go av blessTired to tell him AV wai...
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Shaggy148Small Shaggy 9y
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Merlin's Robe

Hello all,Not sure if this correct forum to post, but don't see something related to crafting at the moment.The question is - if any one of you posseses tailoring receipe for Merlin's Robe? I have all mats to craft it and will be very happy panda ...
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Thing you HAD to have in WoW

Just some random reminiscing.Humar the PridelordGoblin Rocket LauncherBlack War KodoWorg PupWolfslayer Sniper RifleSurestrike Goggles v2.0Onyx Netherwing DrakeTurbo-Charged Flying MachinePet BomblingMechano-hogKing KrushRavasaur Hatchling
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Narzul153237Small Gorrechild 9y
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All Restored

I went through the site accounts and restored everyone's I think. If your account wasn't restored, please mail me ingame.Also, the pictures section was not backed up, so if you have pictures to upload please do.All guild bank items were sent to me...
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Narzul51426Small Takhisiss 9y
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Help keep the trade channel clean

Link.Please post your support.
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Narzul2993Member avatar small Celestrielle 9y
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Disable Devilsaur's Sound

For melee who for some reason may wish to disable my devilsaur's fierce battle cries, I have done some research. Do the following:1. Go to your Wow\Data directory.2. Create the following path there: Sound\Creature\Trex3. In the Trex folder, create...
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The Horror

I can't express what I feel ATM
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New PC confirmed within 1-3 weeks <3

As title says, I will be resuming raiding in 1-3 weeks. My grandmother promised to borrow me enough money to buy a PC, and we'll go see if stores have it next tuesday, if not - I simply order it and wait 1-3 weeks.My new PC will have pretty nice s...
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I'd like to wish a happy New Year to everyone at Netherstorm. All the best for 2009, have a great year!
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Mike has earned the achievement [Can I keep him?]

My GF bought me a sexy little pet for my bday. :) the link. Twice. :x
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Marla61335Small DarkDestiny 10y
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The horror, the horror...

Small Narzul 10y
Narzul31083Small DarkDestiny 10y
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The reason for the 30% nerf. main reason is basically to nerf the fuck out of Sunwell, or it simply wouldn't be doable no matter what setup you brought. It made a lot more sense to me once I read this.A...
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Zithra131905Member avatar small Marla 10y