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As it sais, Wednesday, 19th of January, is the first official raid for this year. Maybe a bit late, but we wanted everyone to be ready for raids. And there is no real hurry as this content will be available for a long time.

Therefor every rule we had back in WotLK will be again applied, including EP/GP.

Make sure u reread the guild rules, even as veterans, as they were updated. Guild rules

Slacking period is over. Let s make progress and let s get up there in the realm rank where we were and where we should be and let s make it even better than WotLK.

I strongly hope everyone will come to raids prepared with tactics, raid essentials and strong nerves. Make sure when u join a raid u are willing to endure some wipes if that is the case. And once u re in the raid, unless there is a Real Life problem that needs you there, remember u are in until the end.

Make sure u sign up on the site for the raids, and if u cannot attend, leave a note about it on the signup page, or inform an officer.

Try making things easier for everyone in raid, keep the bad words for after and talk to officers if there is something u are willing to share with the guild about some raids.

Get your raiding mood back on!
Good Luck to us.
Fuck off!
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