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#3665296 Dec 26, 2010 at 11:31 PM
Ok guys i learned about a post here and i decided to answer to some answers you might have.....
1st:The application to ANE is 90 days old and i havent made any move to see if i will be accepted or anything until today after i got kicked out of netherstorm..My intention to leave NS had gone after a conversation i had with the most perfect person i met as a superior of me in a guild and that was Jev
2nd:About the ignorance on Narzul's face....That came after what he said on ventrillo on thursdays raid and yeah i will say it here since he didnt wanted to listen about it when i calmed down (that happened today)..He said clearly ''Quarion shut up i will say what ever i want on vent'' while i was asking for about 2-3 times to have one raid leader on boss fight..Well i didnt knew he had assistance to call things on it since i might havent heard it or didnt saw it..But those words was a personal offence and i had to defend a bit so i puted him on ignore list which is always empty and it always be i will never ignore someone for anything..
So to Conclude Yeah that's my answer to what was said about me after i was kicked and i didnt had the chance to defend myself again....One thing this guild thought me is FUN IN RAIDS..I will never forget the people i had some friendship with and i wish you all fun times and raids in cataclysm since we wont be in the same team anymore............

Your old trial member
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#3665672 Dec 27, 2010 at 02:07 AM
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Good lock in the new place :)
If i was more Imba, i will pick pocket my self.
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#3666591 Dec 27, 2010 at 11:00 AM
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Not much to add. You both taked own decisions from own points of fiew folowed by predicted consiqunces,you allready was like time bomb Quarion was only metter of time when ,im not saying this couse im happy with that or mad , it was in you for 6 mouths . Anyways im not gona point fingers whos fault where. Both of you folowed you own emmotions then logica.
Thank you for oure small retri devison Quarion was fun time ,take care and good luck in Wow, most important outsided of it =)
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