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#3145960 Sep 09, 2010 at 02:35 PM
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Well ill tell the tactic myrmidon suggested last night to use on the Rotface 25 man heroic kill....We saw that at some point the kiting tank had some problems with oozes cause more then 2 were alive and its almost impossible to keep both on him..So myrmidon said to use a 3rd tank to help out the kiting so by using that we managed to handle the ooze thing so the only problem we had after that was kinda some failure on movement and most of us took unecessary damage which we could avoid but we had the luck to finish him down....I am posting this so people can see it check up on it because from next week this boss is on farm status so be warned guys........

Regards Q

P.S. Thanks myrmidon u helped a lot on this
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