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Below are the basic rules applying to all Netherstorm members.

Netherstorm is a friendly raiding guild, and relies heavily on the quality of its members, both as players and persons. However, do not confuse "friendly" with "slacking". We are dead-serious when it comes to raiding, and expect the same from our members.

As a raiding guild, we require a minimal sign-up and attendance of two raids per week. Signing is made on the site. If a member is unable to comply for personal reasons, he must leave a note on the event's sign up page of that day. For longer afk durations of over 2 days, use the "taking a break" thread in our forums.

Raiding Times:
Our official raiding nights are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20.00 till 00.00. Unless stated otherwise in our site's calendar, raids usually START at 20:00. Raid members should be online half an hour before the raid starts for invites. If you are on time for invites bonus EP will be awarded. If you know you're gonna be late, please leave a note on the site's calendar. If a member does not show up on time without notice, his spot will be given to someone else online.

Raid EP:
EP \ GP is the method we use to distribute loot. Additional information regarding EP \ GP, current standings and how it works can be found in our site's EP \ GP section once you have been accepted for membership.

Each raid grants 30 EP for being in the raid at 19:30, 60 after the break and 60 at the end, totaling in 150 EP per raid.
If a member is not back after the raid break is over, he will not receive halftime bonus EP (60). If a member goes afk for over 10 minutes \ other unreasonable time without informing the raid leader, he will receive a symbolic -15 EP.

Raids and Item Distribution:
Our raids are divided into Progression Raids and Optional raids. This post explains how they work. You MUST read it.

Veteran Rank:
Anyone who has been an active member in Netherstorm for six months will be promoted to the Veteran rank.

Any Veteran who isn't on slacker \ inactive status in any given week will receive 10 extra EP in that week.

Our members must be mature and respectful. As such, being at least 18 years old is preferable.

Raiding Preparations:
1. Netherstorm is a raiding guild. As such, we expect our members to take raiding seriously. Actions like arriving to a raid with non-optimal gear (broken, not fully gemmed, enchanted and stocked up), AFKing during raids, leaving raids early without due notice etc. will not be tolerated.

2. ALL members MUST read the tactics for the raid's boss encounters and know their role. It is also advisable to watch movie tutorials. Be sure to look at sites such as Elitist Jerks and Tank Spot.

3. All gear must have epic quality gems in the slots.

4. All gear must have the best possible enchants on it. We have more then enough shards and crystals to provide our members with.

5. All members who join a raid must have flasks with them for 4 hours, since that's how long we raid. So for alchemists that's 2 and for non alchemists that's 4.

6. All members must have their appropriate +90 buffing food for a raid. We will sometimes provide the buff food for raids, but that does not dismiss you from carrying your own food.

Netherstorm members play in a friendly game environment. As such, we much rather want our members to be motivated out of mutual respect to fellow members, not out of fear of a penalty. We will do everything to avoid penalizing members, however, if a member breaks the guild rules in such a manner which significantly hurts other members, we will have no choice but to follow that path.

Raiding Performance:
While raiding, members must play well, which means understanding your position in a raid and following it through with 100% focus. In order to do that, discuss gameplay with your fellow members \ class leaders, read \ write in our class forums, read internet materials, implement that knowledge ingame - whatever makes you a better raider.

Don't link any DPS\damage\healing etc. meters in raid\guild chat, as many people find that annoying.

You need to have EPGPLootmaster installed. other then that, addons such as "Deadly Boss Mods" \ "BigWigs" and threat meters ("Omen") are very important for a raid's success. All addons can usually be found at Make sure to ask a raid leader \ officer on which addons you should have installed and updated.

The forums and guild chat are for Netherstorm members to communicate and enjoy. Do not turn them into your personal soap box. If you have a problem \ issue with anything \ anyone, direct it to an officer. They exist to help.

Netherstorm consists of many members of different countries and cultures. Respect your fellow guildies. Verbal abuse will NOT be tolerated. English is the universal language of communication in the guild. So try and keep guild chat and raid chat in english.

We see our members as an investment for other members to profit from. As such, we do not take kindly to guild hopping. If you make an application to another guild while being a member of Netherstom, you will be kicked from the guild. Consider that before applying for a Netherstorm membership.

Non-Pugable Instances
A list of what you can pug and what you need to save for official raids can be found here.

Hybrid Classes and Dual Specs
Though not mandatory, practically all of our members with a hybrid class (paladin, shaman, druid etc.) have an offspec for a different raid role from their main spec's. This helps the guild in creating a good raid composition, and gives the members a better chance at a raid spot.

If you play a hybrid class, we strongly recommend that you have a geared and functioning offspec.

Keep in mind that the decision between giving gear to a member's offspec than that of a trial's mainspec is solely up to the raid leader, as the guild's benefit can vary between the different trials and offspecs.

Forum Activity:
In addition to signing up for raids \ leaving afk notes on our site, we require our members to check the forums for any news regarding guild decisions and other important posts at least once per week. That is how people are connected to whatever is going on in the guild.

For any problems \ additional questions, feel free to contact any of the guild's officers.

If you wish to apply to Netherstorm, in the last part of your application you will be asked to write what is the first boss in Baradin Hold called.
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